Mobile multifunctional ECG device

Cardions is simple, but fully featured, precise and reliable mobile multifunctional ECG device.

It is just a cable with USB connector on one side and ECG probes on the other. It is powered and controlled by the Android mobile phone or tablet via USB cable.

USB connection provides more reliable data transfer in comparison to Bluetooth connection and it is also easier to establish a connection.

There is no need for additional drivers or batteries, simple plug&play functionality.


Visualization of the signals is displayed on a mobile phone or tablet. There is an option to choose which channels will be displayed on the screen. Users can zoom in, zoom out and make their own channel selections with custom colors for each channel.

It can detect disorders by analyzing acquired data. When a disorder is detected, the patient is alerted and also his doctor can receive an immediate notification by SMS and/or email.

It can send acquired data to remote control center or any other mobile device where all the records are stored.

Cardions has a very low power consumption, enabling long recording times. Latest analog to digital converters ensure ultra-low power consumption.

Currently there are two models

Model E1

Simple, 3 - independent channels mobile multifunctional ECG device

Model E2

Fully featured, 12 channels mobile multifunctional ECG device.

Devices are intended to be used as

  • Stress ECG device
  • Resting ECG device
  • ECG holter device
  • ECG monitor device
  • Telemetry system unit

Cardions is used with a dedicated software „Cardions heart outline“ developed by Panonit.

This application is used for acquisition, visualization, interpretation and reports printing.

It has two different modes, normal and expert mode, making it suitable both for patients and medical staff.

Recording, visualization and printing can be done quickly with just a few clicks.

    Cardions advantages

  • Powered and controlled by phone or tablet
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Only one cable
  • No need for additional power supply
  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional
  • Cost effective price

    Competition disadvantages

  • Bluetooth technology – more power consumption and less reliable data transfer
  • More sensitive to interference
  • Two batteries maintenance
  • Two devices maintenance
  • Too many steps to run measurements

Frequently asked questions

Does the device require additional power supply, and if so, do you provide batteries for it?

No, the device does not require any other additional power supply. It is powered by the mobile phone that is connected to.

Can I use my iPhone to use CardioNS?

Currently our device works only with Android mobile phones. However, iOS application is under development.

Can this device be used by hobbyists or only by medical doctors?

CardioNS can be used by hobbyists and enthusiasts, but we encourage users to take ECG recordings to medical professionals for signal interpretation.

Can CardioNS be used for disease detection?

Yes, CardioNS can be used for disease detection. However, making diagnosis is the responsibility of a medical doctor. CardioNS can help them in making such a decision.

Can I use this device as a holter?

Yes, CardioNS can be used also as a holter device. The amount of recorded data is only limited with the storage capacity of the mobile phone.

Do I need any additional drivers in order to use the device, and where can I find them?

CardioNS does not need any additional drivers. Simply download the application and after the device is connected, ECG readings can be performed.

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