PanonIT can turn your ideas into products with complete product development solutions.

We have a long history of developing products based on customer specifications.

We can also work with you to develop product specifications.

Prepare the requirements and, under your direction, we will develop design document. If needed, we can also arrange to have it manufactured.

We first review your specifications and work with you to make them complete, consistent, clear and testable.

We will then develop high-level designs to meet your approval and recommend how they might be modified to cut costs, improve reliability and safety, and provide other desirable qualities.

Following your approval, we will develop detailed designs for software and/or electronic hardware to applicable development standards, from best commercial practices to those required for CE certification.

We emphasize product reliability, safety, testability and manufacturability.

When hardware products are in question, PanonIT fabricates first units as required for verification.

We develop test plans to minimize test time by using commercial equipment and automated techniques wherever practical.

PanonIT is responsible for assuring that the final design meets all requirements.

We offer services in two business models, fixed price for projects with well-defined requirements and deliverables, and predefined scope of the project, and time and material for long-term projects and cooperation, when we invest in specific know-how with the goal to keep a steady team, and in situations where requirements, tasks, effort and/or solutions are not clear.