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Research and development

Research and development

PANONIT is committed to the constant improvement of the knowledge level in the field of information and communication technologies. The company's goal is to keep up with the latest trends and be able to provide customers with superior products and services. 

Independently or with partners, we have participated in a number of international and scientific projects. We have developed cooperation with the University of Novi Sad, University of Szeged and the University of Trento. In addition to scientific institutions, we also cooperate with non-governmental organizations in the region.

PANONIT team consists of experts in various fields and different specialties. The founders of the company are professors at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and the authors of many international publications. Employees are BSc and MSc level engineers in the field of electrical and computer engineering and specialties such as telecommunications, signal processing, information management systems, computing.


IMG_20140919_114912 (7).jpgIn addition to activities aimed at developing our own prototypes and solutions, PANONIT has been engaged in the past as a supplier of equipment for different research projects. For that purpose, we have been developing prototypes in the field of electronic devices, weather stations, software solutions etc..

Some of the science fields in which we took research activities include:


Our research project also include development of agricultural solutions, such as:

  • gas analysis and applications in organic agricultural production
  • disease prediction models
  • smart irrigation systems
  • plant disease recognition from a leaf photo

Most prominent project in which PANONIT took part, include:

  • FP7 ENORASIS project, in field of precision agriculture,
  • IPA WAHASTRAT cross-border cooperation programe, with Deparatment for Geoinformatics from Universitiy of Szeged, in field of underground water research
  • QoSTREAM, in field of quality and processing of multimedia content in real-time, 
  • Joint project with Provintial Reporting and Forecasting Agency of AP Vojvodina, in field of system for meteorological forecasting improvement.

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