Meet PanonIT

PanonIT is an IT outsourcing company that develops and provides

cutting-edge products and solutions.



We specialize in (custom) software development, QA, and specialized development for companies of any size and within different industry verticals. Our highly-skilled and experienced team of 150+ engineers, developers, and programmers can contribute to your business growth by providing the best solution for your specific needs.

PanonIT’s outsourcing model is based on our comprehensive knowledge and vast experience. In addition to software and specialized development, PanonIT has been generating and implementing EU funded projects within FP7, Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, etc. We provide high quality research and development services. Our expertise is supported by university background and our long professional experience in developing various software and hardware solutions.

Together with constantly improving our employees’ knowledge and keeping track of the latest development, PanonIT experts selflessly share their first-hand expertise with others.

Having recognized the need and interest in the market, PanonIT has founded its Code Academy “SmartInIT” in order to educate all people interested in expanding their IT knowledge. In addition to regular, face-to-face courses at SmartInIT, PanonIT has also set up a platform for online programming courses thus bringing knowledge closer to a wider audience. Not only do we educate those who are eager for knowledge but we also see these courses as a good source for recruiting ambitious and hard-working interns and potential employees. 

We are certified according to ISO standards


We are committed to continuous improvement of our products and services by following the latest developments and trends in IT.



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