Key Values QA Testing Adds to Your Organisation

Posted by Jovana Selih on 06 July 2020


QA Testing plays a vital role in accomplishing technical requirements, development, and design of any software product. It is a procedure that ensures the program is free from bugs or errors. In addition to that, QA testing is also useful in bringing an improvement in the software, in terms of accuracy, efficiency, as well as usability. There is a wide array of reasons why QA is considered to be effective for your business. Let’s take a look!


Why is QA Testing Essential for Any Business


Reduced Risks: Prevention over Correction

QA Testing helps you in fixing the errors before they become major issues. That is why it’s important to get testing done as soon as possible. Don’t let yourself have additional costs, which come while replacing, retesting as well as reselling products, having errors. Software development consists of many stages and if bugs are caught in the earlier stages it costs much less to fix them. The bigger your organisation is, the bigger is the business impact of one bug. It’s the entire brand name at stake. That’s why the quality assurance process is broken into four crucial elements:


 Determining the root cause of the issue,

 Analysis of the effort required for fixing the issue,

 Defining an effective option to fix it,

 Considering the different backfires after making changes.



Testers must be “risk-aware.” The best, most valuable testers are always thinking about risk. They don’t just check for quality, they constantly ask “what if” questions and piece the clues together. Think of it as good paranoia.



Lower Costs: Save Time and Money

Quality assurance practices not only derive higher efficiency but also saves time and costs. Just think about how much money would a faulty software project cost you? It would cost you users and clients. And it is well known that the longer a bug goes undetected, the more costly it is to fix.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, a simple cost-benefit analysis will show that the benefits of employing a skilled and well-equipped QA & testing team and adequate quality processes far outweigh the costs. Testing can help you avoid expenses that you’d have if your software failed e.g. in maintenance. Investing in QA will mean that you can sell your product at a higher rate. Furthermore, a high quality of software application that is free from errors and bugs can enhance the credibility and reputation of your company. Thus, the owners will be capable to boost the profits as well as to grow their business.



Quality Standards: Higher Quality – Higher Reputation


Testing is useful in maintaining quality standards. Development of any software product has many processes included and testing gets a glimpse of every bit – it checks if the app’s graphics are aligned properly, tests the main functionality, checks if menus are intuitive, etc. After developers fix issues, sometimes another issue may appear unexpectedly somewhere else, that’s just how testing goes sometimes, so it’s great to find those issues being resolved. That’s how all those steps become a part of making a quality product that will be delivered to the marketplace in its best version.


The competition is fierce nowadays compared to just 10 years ago. A quick search of mobile apps shows that there are more than 200 applications that allow the same today. And that's where quality comes into play. If your product is not good enough, your customers have 199 options to replace it. This is why the quality of your product is the most important thing.



Better User Experience: Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The main goal of any product is to be user friendly and make the life of its customers easier. It’s very important that it brings the value it promises. With that in mind, user experience is a big part of QA Testing, because the software tester makes an assessment from the perspective of the end-user.


The improved UX can help in selling the product with ease which leads to the rise in sales and profitability of the application. It is also useful in retaining your customers for a longer period. The user experience is also known to encourage the end-user in promoting the application via word of mouth. Being the best product in this saturated market will help you gain trustworthy clients which will have greater long-term effects.

Every end-user has the option to select from a wide variety of software applications that have similar functionality and features. If the customers are not satisfied with the product, the backlash might result in damaging the reputation of your business. That can also affect your future products negatively. But if the software application is found to be flawless, it will easily find its way up in the market.  And that’s why the ultimate goal for a product owner is to give the best customer satisfaction.



Security reasons: Making Trustworthy Products

This is probably the most sensitive and yet most vulnerable part of developing any software product. There have been many situations of misuse of data. That is the reason why people are looking for trusted products that they can rely on. 

Quality assurance testing can help you make a trustworthy product and keep your user info and data safe. Problems and risks are eliminated beforehand and it definitely saves a lot of trouble later on. It is always important to assure top quality products to customers. Sometimes it can happen that even the smallest issues can bring huge problems to businesses around the world. That is why Security testing is of great importance for any application. It is beneficial in maintaining the security of any software.





Those were just some of the key values that QA adds to any business organisation, but there are many more that cannot even be countable. Quality in the modern IT world cannot be taken for granted. It is critical for organizations to invest appropriate time and money into quality assurance so that they can effectively prevent re-work, expensive delays or future failures.



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