New Trend Alert – Why are USA Companies Choosing to Outsource to Serbia

Posted by Jovana Selih on 29 July 2019

In the last decade, 65% of USA companies have increased the use of outsourcing and have outsourced more than 2.4 million jobs. There are many reasons why Serbia is becoming their more frequent choice.


IT industry is trending in Serbia! 


There are so many motivated and devoted IT professionals that are changing the way technology works. It’s no wonder because they are following the steps of the greatest Serbian scientists - Mihajlo Pupin and Nikola Tesla. In the sea of programmers in Serbia, you just might discover the next great inventor.

Some of the reasons why USA companies choose Serbia to outsource their IT development are listed below:

1. Unique Combination of Technical Talent and Education

Technical Sciences universities in Serbia are on a very high level. The University of Novi Sad is ranked as one of the top 500 universities in the world in Mathematics. The majority of students start working while they are still at the university, so they have an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills on real projects. Nowadays, children in Serbia start to learn about programming from an early age. Besides the “official” education, a vast number of developers learn to code on their own because they are passionate about coding. Some of them are in the top job positions in IT companies not because of their academic qualifications, but because of their practical skills and knowledge, they have gained all by themselves.

2. Superior Quality with Low Costs

Serbian IT professionals will bring you the best quality code at a reasonable price. Labor costs in Serbia are standing at less than half the level of East European EU member-states. Low utility costs are also a strong factor in achieving high-profit margins. To top it all, operating costs for doing business in Serbia are significantly lower than those in other Central and Eastern Europe countries. And precisely that - reducing operational costs - is a crucial element when opting for outsourcing.

3. Perfect Blend of Similar Work Ethic and High English Proficiency

A combination of good English skills and computer skills is commonly found in Serbia’s IT community. English language classes are an integral part of education at all levels. That’s why the country has a level of multilingualism, almost without parallel in many other parts of Central and Eastern Europe. People of Serbia have a strong understanding of Western culture and values, both on a personal and business level, which, combined with a fluency in English, makes both written and verbal communication a much more enjoyable experience.

4. Variety of Choice from a Large Tech Stack

Are you looking for Senior Backend Developers? Or maybe DevOps Engineers? You can find them in Serbia! Not just them, but any kind of IT expert in this industry. Programmers in Serbia use different types of frameworks and they are always looking to improve their knowledge. Whether you’re looking for a person on a different seniority level (Junior, Medior or Senior) who has experience with Reach, Angular or JavaScript, you can find them in Serbia. Besides programmers, there are also many game designers, 3D artists, and animators as well.

According to PentaBlog, Serbia is on the 5th place in worldwide developer rankings! Big global companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Schneider Electric DMS, Adobe and Telenor have their offices in Serbia. As mentioned, developers from Serbia had become a strong workforce for USA companies. Why? They are skilled, talented, dedicated and passionate hard-working professionals that every company wants to have.

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