Women in Tech - HR's Perspective

Posted by Jovana Selih on 09 March 2020

This weekend we have celebrated International Women’s Day.

If you take one look around the IT industry, you’ll find yourself asking the question:

Why aren't there more women?

Gender diversity has specific benefits in technology settings, which could explain why IT companies have started to invest more in initiatives that aim to boost the number of female applicants, recruit them more efficiently, retain them for longer, and provide them the opportunity to advance further.

But is it enough?


We’ve discussed the topic with our HR Generalist - Jana Edelinski:

How many women are there in PanonIT?

Jana: Currently 30% of PanonIT employees are women but we are doing our best to increase that number even further.


Is the situation in the IT industry changing in your opinion? Do you think it is getting easier for women to get into Tech?

Jana: Although the percentage of men in the IT world is still higher comparing to women, I think that the situation is gradually changing, not just in IT but in all other industries. Lots of IT companies and organisations have recognised the importance of encouraging and motivating women who plan to start and develop their careers in tech. That matter is now getting more significant.


What do you think, how can we encourage more girls to choose their career in IT?

Jana: First of all, companies should create a proper company culture that will provide the appropriate support for women to use their full potential and develop their career in the right way. Besides that, I think that mentoring is a very important concern when someone wants to start their career in IT. With a competent mentor who is ready to share his/her knowledge, experience, and provide the right guidelines, the beginning of an IT career can be much easier.


Who do you think should pursue studies in Technology and Innovation Management?

Jana: Everyone who wants a career in Technology and Innovations should above all be curious, open for new experiences and think „outside the box“. Additionally, if the person is persistent, he/she will be one step closer to developing some new ideas and create innovation that can be of great use to society.


What advice would you give to women considering technology as her career?

Jana: Most of all, they need to believe in their abilities and strive to constantly learn something new and grow further.


Although there is a gender gap in the IT industry, and we still have a long way to go, the good news is that it’s definitely getting smaller. Women are gradually finding their way in IT companies. More and more opportunities are becoming available for female undergraduates.


The benefits of having a diverse workforce are widely known. Gender-diverse companies are more likely to outperform other teams in the quality of work. Any company that is aiming for sustainability will have gender-balanced teams.


What is your opinion on the topic?

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