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PanonIT leverages extensive experience in the software outsourcing industry with the aim of offering clients high-quality, custom solutions within different sectors and industries. We specialize in:







In addition to employing 150+ engineers and developers with considerable experience and expertise, PanonIT always welcomes new talented people. Due to the Serbian education system focused on engineering and computer sciences, there is a large number of highly-qualified young ambitious (post)graduates who we regularly work with. Furthermore, PanonIT has its Code Academy "SmartInIt" that provides additional training in the required areas. This gives us the advantage in offering courses specifically designed for PanonIT’s and our clients’ needs and recruiting the most successful and hard-working individuals. 



What About Language and Location?


As the English language is taught throughout elementary, high school, and studies, there is no language barrier to our successful business collaboration. Everyday communication with our international partners is done in English. PanonIT headquarters are located in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. The time zone is Central European Time (CET), which is the same time zone of most European countries. Face-to-face meetings are easily organized with our international partners at their premises or ours as the international airport is less than an hour’s drive from our city. Online meetings can be set up on short notice. PanonIT’s effective international cooperation is ensured on the basis of remote workflow and infrastructure we have already established with our overseas clients.


Industries PanonIT Works With


Our B2B and B2C products and solutions have been developed and customized for a wide range of sectors and industries. These are some industries we have successfully implemented projects for:  



PanonIT teams have the right skills and knowledge to provide hands-on solutions regardless of your project’s stage thus improving the efficiency of your business. We pride ourselves on forming long-term partnerships to mutual satisfaction, consequently growing together and making our businesses scalable and productive. 

Skills and Main Technologies


Choose the right partner and your business will thrive. With our considerable experience and first-hand knowledge in the software outsourcing industry, PanonIT is a reliable partner when considering improving or upgrading your IT system. Here are some technologies we use:



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