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What is Cloud Native?


Cloud native is an approach to building and rapidly operating applications while constantly improving their quality and reducing risk. It makes full use of and derives benefit from the cloud computing delivery model. It focuses on the way applications are built and deployed, and not where they are located.




Types of Cloud Computing Services


Cloud computing types are service deployment models that allow different levels of control over information and types of services that should be provided. There are three main types of cloud computing services:














Cloud-Native Applications


Cloud-native applications help companies speed up time-consuming and demanding tasks performed on optimizing existing applications and building new ones while, at the same time, enhancing user experience. These applications are a collection of independent microservices designed to rapidly include user feedback to ensure constant improvement and they work well with cloud-native applications due to their modular structure and compatibility with Agile and DevOps processes.


Advantages of Cloud-Based Applications

    Cloud-native applications are easier to manage since iterative improvements are implemented through Agile and DevOps processes
    These apps are designed to continuously and automatically add new and improved features
    Improvements are made non-intrusively without causing downtime or disruption of the end-user experience
    Scaling up or down is now easier due to the elastic infrastructure underpinning cloud-based apps
    Cloud-native development process meets the demands of the fast-paced and innovative business environment







Why Should Your Company Move to Cloud-Based Applications?


Your business needs cloud-based applications to:


 Improve the efficiency and flexibility of your business activities, thus directly contributing to business growth

 Introduce new apps and advanced features on the fly thus enabling you to keep up with changing customers expectations and demands

 Provide greater flexibility to make fast and real-time changes and responses

 Stay competitive while delivering positive customer experience

 Save resources

 Work with other companies more effectively as your organization will be able to integrate and work with other cloud providers, companies, and related applications

 Reach more people fast


Choose a Cloud-Native and Container Platform


Cloud computing offers companies an alternative to building and maintaining costly on-premises services. It offers enterprises an opportunity to lower their costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. A lot of companies provide cloud platforms for the development, management, and deployment of applications. Here are the biggest players in this area:




When considering container platforms, Docker is the most popular one in the market. In order to enable coordination and scheduling of different containers in your app, PanonIT will advise you on the best possible orchestration of containerized applications, for example, Kubernetes (K8s), Mesos, Docker Swarm and the like. Not only do we guide our clients through the process of selecting the most suitable platform and application, but PanonIT team offers full-stack DevOps services such as: 


Source Control
Configuration Management
Performance Monitoring




What Can PanonIT Do For You?



Are you a startup with an idea and vision but lack infrastructure?


PanonIT staff possess the necessary knowledge and experience and are here to help accelerate your business.



Does your organization have a legacy system and need help maintaining it?


Not only can our experts help with the maintenance, but they can also provide modernization and migration of your legacy system thus making your business more efficient and profitable.

Regardless of the size and location of your business, PanonIT can accommodate clients from different industries.

PanonIT builds and operates applications in a cloud-native fashion so that your company can:


 Introduce ideas to market faster and, at the same time

► Provide a quick response to user demands


We can contribute to your business growth