Desktop Application Development




A combination of our considerable experience, technical expertise, and deep understanding of the desktop operating system architecture all greatly contribute to meeting our clients’ needs and expectations. The applications we build combine the power and performance of desktop applications and the modern user interface of web applications. PanonIT can transform your business ideas into new products and applications that will reduce the complexity of your business operations while accelerating your business productivity


What Do We Offer?


Our expertise and technical experience in the development of applications enable us to provide solutions for a wide spectrum of industries and businesses. Whether you are a start-up, an SME, a large enterprise, or an institution, PanonIT can address all your challenges in the most efficient way. Our experts can design and build desktop applications that will excite you or your customers with their functionality, speed, and user-friendly interface. We are at your disposal to create desktop applications from scratch, modernize your legacy system, or redo it using the cutting-edge technologies, build middleware customized to connect your databases and applications. 








Desktop Applications to Best Meet Your Business Needs


Native Desktop Applications

We build native desktop applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Due to our considerable experience in native programming, PanonIT responsive desktop applications perform seamlessly on any operating system and in any environment. 



Cross-Platform Desktop Applications

PanonIT delivers desktop software that can run on a number of operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, with smooth UX and high performance. Multi-platform desktop applications built with a single codebase on Qt, .NET (Xamarin), and Electron.js technologies run seamlessly on various operating systems. Furthermore, costs and project delivery time can be reduced by opting for cross-platform desktop development in contrast to separate development for each platform.







Technologies PanonIT Uses


Based on our experience, we know that desktop applications are appealing to our clients due to their rich feature-set reliability, flexibility, stability, and security. PanonIT experts have mastered the tech stack that allows us to design, build, and deliver effective and intuitive desktop solutions. This is accomplished with C#, WPF, WinForms, C++, Java, .NET, Python, JavaScript, and other technologies that we regularly use. 




Why Partner With PanonIT?


Our teams possess the knowledge, the right skill set, and experience in desktop software development for various industries and business sizes. Thus, PanonIT can expertly guide you to the best possible solution tailor-made for your business requirements and your consumers’ wishes. 





We provide a wide scope of services and can build a complex application from scratch with the business logic to fit your operations best. Our services include a thorough analysis of product requirements, UI/UX development, testing, post-release support, and maintenance. 


PanonIT will ensure a successful project implementation primarily by providing the best possible teams that include project managers, technical leads, architects, scrum masters, junior, mid-level, senior developers, and QA engineers. These PanonIT team members will adjust the development process to best suit your project and business needs.






The Agile development model is applied throughout all project stages. Our experienced project managers and Scrum masters make sure every project meets all the agreed requirements, objectives, and milestones


Get experienced, certified professionals to help boost your business by reducing operating costs. How does this work? Outsource PanonIT and our experts will modernize or migrate your existing solutions, or build new ones from scratch. Thus your operational problems will be solved and your business goals achieved. 




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