PanonIT can help you to transform your ideas into products with complete solutions. We have our own experience of doing so through our own Solutions in the fields of Smart Agriculture, Healthcare and Cities.

We have a long-standing history of developing products based on detailed customer specifications - and for those who come with simply an idea, we can master a spec to get the perfect solution.

Once the requirements are prepared, with our clients direction as a focus, we can assist in developing suitable design documentation.

If you have a specification, we will first work with you to make sure it is complete, consistent and has a direction for testability.
We will then develop high-level designs and mock-ups to meet your approval- at this point we can make recommendations on how these could be modified to lower costs, improve reliability and safety and provide other desirable qualities. 

Following your approval, we will develop detailed designs for software and/or electronic hardware to development standards, from best commercial practices to those requiring CE certification. 

Our goal is to always ensure your end product is reliable, safe, tested and manufactured to the highest degree.

In cases of hardware products, PanonIT fabricates first units as required for verification purposes. We develop test plans to minimize the test time by using commercial equipment and automated techniques wherever practical. We take full responsibility in ensuring the final design meets the complete requirements.

Our services are offered through time-and-material, however should your project have extremely well defined requirements, deliverables and a pre-designed scope - there is always an option to move to ‘fixed-price’ once collaboration has begun. 


It is our aim to collaborate with companies and clients where we invest in specific know-how and training with the goal of maintaining a steady team directly working for you on a long-term basis.