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Recognizing the need and interest in expanding the IT knowledge and skills in the market, PanonIT has started a Code Academy “SmartInIT” to provide the necessary education and first-hand expertise for everyone eager to learn and progress. A lot of SmartInIT students have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in engineering and information technology but are looking for a way to improve their practical knowledge. Not only does SmartInIT give an opportunity for those with some technical knowledge but also for the ones without any previous knowledge. 


Depending on the previous knowledge and professional aspirations, SmartInIT experienced lecturers advise each student on the most suitable course. A variety of courses prepare students for their new careers in the IT industry. 




Due to the great interest in our regular SmartInIT courses, PanonIT has started a platform for online programming courses to cater to the needs of a wider audience from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia. 



All courses are a perfect balance of theory and practice as our lecturers come from both the academic world and industry. Hard-working and ambitious students are offered an internship or employment at PanonIT or one of our IT partner companies. 



Take a SmartInIT or an online programming course and gain the advantage of becoming a future successful developer or a QA tester. 






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