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Mobile development is probably one of the most fascinating software development as mobile devices have become a large part of our lives and mobile applications are widely accessible. PanonIT develops secure, custom, and scalable mobile applications using an agile approach. Our application development services are available for start-ups, SMEs, enterprises, and organizations from diverse industry verticals. 





Our Expertise


PanonIT provides full-stack mobile application development services. Our professionals can develop and deliver business-centric, highly customized native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile applications for start-ups, enterprises, and other different types of institutions. We provide end-to-end native or hybrid mobile application development that includes building applications using development platforms such as iOS, Android, Xamarin, React Native, etc. 





Native Mobile Applications

Native applications are popular in the mobile industry since they take advantage of the specific operating system’s inbuilt features and, at the same time, perform smooth and fast. They are developed in a programming language that is native to the device and operating system (OS). 


Advantages of Native Mobile Apps

Provide access to all features offered by the device and OS

Allow the use of advanced features, complex networking, memory management, etc 

No limitations to app performance and speed which is important when creating graphics-intensive applications such as games

When used correctly, the user interface updates together with the operating system over time

Disadvantages of Native Mobile Apps

 Two or more separate applications need to be developed if supporting multiple devices, e.g. Android and iOS

 No code is shared between the versions of separate applications

 Development can be slow if two or more separate applications are supported

 Different codebases need to be tested thus greatly affecting testing time




Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

These applications are developed using an intermediate language, such as Javascript, that is not native to the device’s operating system. PanonIT teams build cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin, Appcelerator, React Native, Apache Cordova, and NativeScript.


Our vast experience has made us capable of taking on cross-platform development projects for different mobile platforms for any industry. Cross-platform mobile apps help businesses reach a larger audience as you are not limited to only Android or iOS users and can go up on the Google Play and the App Store. Creating multi-platform solutions (one code works for all platforms on all variety of devices) is one of our main activities. PanonIT has a team of skilled, dedicated, and highly trained developers who build applications for the needs of a diverse range of clients. 


Advantages of Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Up to 80% of the code can be shared between different versions of applications across devices

User interface (UI) performance can be as fast as native as UI is rendered using native controls

Disadvantages of Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

 Some native code needs to be written

 Speed may be affected as intermediate languages are interpreted

 Access to the device and OS features rely on the framework or plugin support

► UI customization depends on framework support




Hybrid Mobile Applications

Hybrid mobile applications are installed on devices and include elements from native applications and the ones from web apps, websites that are not installed on devices but are accessed on the Internet via a browser. When a hybrid app is used, web content is displayed using web technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5. 


Advantages of Hybrid Mobile Apps

 Up to 80% of the code can be shared between different versions of applications across devices

► The code is written once and deployed across all mobile platforms thus reducing development time and costs

► The app update can be done frequently as it is not necessary to resubmit the new version via the AppStore if the modifications have not touched the native code

Disadvantages of Hybrid Mobile Apps

 Some native code needs to be written

 Interaction is done via embedded web-browser control thus speed might be impacted

 Access to the device and OS features rely on the framework or plugin support


How to Choose the Right Mobile Application?

Whether you need a native, hybrid, or cross-platform application, PanonIT can offer a wide range of enterprise web solutions. We will start our cooperation with assessing your specific business needs, and our expert team will advise on the best possible solution accordingly. Our mobile application development services are designed to deliver custom, cutting-edge mobile solutions for your specific business requirements.  In order to achieve this, here are some steps we take:


Consulting and Strategy

In order to define and execute the best possible strategy and thus ensure smooth project implementation, PanonIT team starts by:

Analyzing your business

Pinpointing the problems

Assessing business needs



Ideation and UX Building

In this stage, our experts:

 Do user research and create a strategy

► Build Information Architecture

► Make a wireframe

All these lead to functional implementation. 



App Integration

► ERP, CRM, HRMS, and more

► Back-end apps

► Cloud services

► Middleware integration



Application Testing and Maintenance

Testing is a mandatory part of the development process. Our teams perform functional, specialized, and automated testing to ensure glitch-free operation of applications we deliver. In addition, PanonIT provides regular application maintenance and support. 


Why Choose PanonIT?


 If you already have an in-house IT department but need more professionals for your projects, PanonIT can supplement your staff at any stage of the project

► Are you a start-up with an innovative idea but lack infrastructure? Hire our dedicated teams to develop your idea and achieve your goals

► Do you have an organization with a legacy system? PanonIT experts are knowledgeable and ready to help you maintain it efficiently or, on the other hand, perform a legacy system migration to improve your business performance


Regardless of the size and location of your business, or the industry you are in, PanonIT can provide bespoke mobile application development, migration, update, and ongoing maintenance services to different business verticals thus helping enhance your market reach. 


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