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PanonIT Outsourcing Model


PanonIT professionals are always there for clients’ queries, ideas, and requirements in order to help them resolve any issues and propose the best possible solutions. Taking into account your business specifics and environment, PanonIT team will:


Scale and upgrade your existing software to maximaze your company's business performance and improve efficiency

Build a completely new product customized to address your organization’s unique business challenges

Manage the migration of legacy applications to the latest technology without disrupting your business operations




We can supplement your in-house staff with our skilled and experienced software experts. Whether you are interested in extending your IT team or outsourcing the whole IT department, PanonIT will provide you with dedicated teams of professionals. Furthermore, we implement a continuous recruitment program of most successful developers who are trained in desired technologies and skills in PanonIT Code Academy (SmartInIT) thus ensuring an influx of ambitious people with the right skill set. We work in close cooperation with the University of Novi Sad and encourage ambitious successful (post)graduates in engineering and IT to join our team.    



Regardless of your company’s location and size - whether you have a start-up, an SME, or a large enterprise, our teams of developers can work on projects around the world on short notice. We take your ideas and turn them into reality handling all aspects of the project. When the project is finished, PanonIT can provide continuous upgrades and maintenance. Whether you need a custom solution tailor-made for your business needs or are interested in outsourcing the maintenance of turnkey products you have purchased, our teams are ready to accommodate your request. 


PanonIT forms mixed teams including project managers, technical leads, scrum masters, junior, mid-level, and senior developers. Our QA engineers assess the quality of the agreed specifications by developing and implementing quality assurance policies and conducting inspections and tests in order to identify production, process, or product issues. All these team members optimize development processes to best suit your business and project needs. Whether building a new product, scaling the existing software, or migrating to the latest technology, we can provide dedicated, highly skilled, and experienced teams to work on your short-, medium-, or long-term projects. 


How Does PanonIT Usually Do It?

We use a simple yet efficient method of business cooperation by focusing on the timely and high-quality implementation of project activities while keeping in mind the maximization of resources of all organizations involved.  






Initiation Phase

The project objective, the precise type of cooperation, and all requirements are defined in this project phase. If necessary, a feasibility study is conducted to ascertain whether the project should go ahead taking into account all project’s relevant factors by defining terms of cooperation and partnership. Once the recommended solution is approved, the project is initiated and a project manager is appointed. All team members are introduced in an initial meeting. 






Planning Phase

The project solution is further developed in detail, all the work and steps are identified together with project tasks and resource requirements. A Functional Design Specification (FDS) is created including the goals, deliverables, features, tasks, costs, and deadlines of the project. Another document produced in this stage is a User Requirement Specification (URS/USR) describing the business needs for which the solution will be used. The requirements outlined in the URS are tested in the Performance Qualification or User Acceptance Testing. 

Once the work, schedule, and estimated costs have been determined, we move on to risk management where potential threats are identified along with the actions to be taken in case potential problems arise. 

Implementation (Execution) Phase

This is the phase in which the project plan is put into motion and the project activities are performed. During project implementation, continuous communication is maintained. Thus, regular team meetings are held to present the progress and all reviews, give necessary feedback and confirm future steps. All relevant issues are discussed and defined in virtual (online) or face-to-face meetings organized at PanonIT’s or partner’s premises. Regular reporting is carried out following the agreed guidelines. We ensure our clients receive timesheets according to the agreed-on frequency depending on the engagement model. 

Monitoring and control are executed in this project phase as teams constantly monitor tasks, calculate key performance indicators, and track variations from the allotted cost and time to prevent project scope creep. Each project deliverable produced is reviewed for quality and measured against the acceptance criteria. This is how smooth project implementation is secured.





Furthermore, a minimum viable product (MVP) technique is introduced and PanonIT new solution is launched in the market with basic features. During this process, our teams observe customers’ behavior trying to understand their interest in the product. Thus, PanonIT gauges the response from prospective users and improves the final product accordingly. The fully developed version is released in the market only after sufficient feedback is collected from the initial users.  




Closing Phase

During project closure, it is examined if all the requirements listed in the project scope document have been met. Project reports are finalized, the final solution is released, and project documentation is handed over to the client. We at PanonIT then carry out a lessons-learned analysis to examine all actions with the aim of gaining the relevant experience which will be transferred to and shared with all our project teams. Finally, it is time to celebrate yet another successful project implementation. 


What Comes Next?

All PanonIT solutions are provided with regular upgrades and maintenance if this is defined in a partnership agreement. Our experts can easily ensure the smooth maintenance of an application as they know the system and design inside out. Not only do we maintain our bespoke solutions but we can also offer the maintenance of other companies’ (off-the-shelf) solutions.


Why Outsource PanonIT?

PanonIT uses an agile approach to ensure the best possible results for our clients. We can provide simple yet efficient solutions to your complex IT issues thus improving your company’s flexibility and innovation.



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